Leane On Thursday, September 9, 2010

I just got my new glasses today! I am really excited because my last pair were literally falling off my face they were so old and worn out. The nose pads were worn out years ago, and recently the arms had come off and were held on with tape. The glasses were black and I used black electrical tape {not the most 'chic' fashion statement, eh?}.
When I went for my new eye exam and my fitting, I realized that it has been about 4 years since my last exam and new pair of glasses. *Gasp*
I believe that you are supposed to have an exam done every year. When I was in the hospital from delivering my first son {3 years ago} the doctor's office called to let me know it was time to schedule an appointment for my next exam. I kindly let her know that I was in the hospital and told her I would call to reschedule. Of course, a child has a way of taking over your life and what should have been a couple of months delay turned into years later.
Anyone else had this affect from having children in their life?!?

So, how about you......do you wear glasses?
How often do you get your eye exams done?

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